Technical announcement 4

That’s right, brothers and siters, from now on, and on general demand, I will continue this blog in english, so that my Lebanese and international friends can enjoy my ramblings too. I use the occasion to announce the uploading of a few new sets of pictures onto my flickr site: the set ‘From Israel with love’ documents (a tiny part of) the incredible destruction of the southern shiite suburbs of Dahiyyeh. ‘Nahr al-Bared RIP’ features the pix I took on the one-but-last day of the LAF siege of the Palestinian refugee camp. ‘Mount Lebanon’ contains views on a recent trip through the Maronite part of the Lebanon range, including a shot of the pitiful remnants of the once mighty cedar forests. Let me remind you again that I am not (at all) a professional photographer an use a cheapo little camera. I also take this occasion to link to HARRYZZZ, the blog of Harald Doornbos, Middle East correspondent for the Dutch newspaper group GDP and for NOS television. His site famously features a video of ‘the flying terrorist’ – an explosion during the Nahr al-Bared siege which hurls into the air a Fatah al-Islam gunman (or something looking like a human being at least).


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