Breaking news: ‘March 14’ is prepared to talk

It may not seem like a big breakthrough for Europeans – especially for us Belgians who are used to politicians of opposing parties sitting together for marathon meetings lasting up to 24 hours to even out differences and work out complex compromises that in some obscure way allow all participants to come out with their heads held high and nobody publicly having to admit defeat – but this is Lebanon, where every family still keeps daddy’s kalashnikovs from the previous ‘incident’ in good working order, just in case, and where people are not in the habit of mincing their words, as demonstrated by the vitriolic mudslinging of especially Walid Junblatt (March 14) and Michel Aoun (‘opposition’) over the past weeks, So it took the ‘ruling’ (in theory) ‘American-backed’ (as long as the backing is in the interest of Israel) March 14 forces about two weeks, and some ‘encouragement’ from the Vatican, to even announce they were prepared to meet with the ‘opposition’ (most of which are actually – well, theoretically – in the government) and start discussing about the possibility of just maybe conceivably there might be an off-chance that hey who knows in the end we may even reach a solution, BUT! Which is actually excellent news for the good people of this long-tormented country:
(Source: Naharnet – tbetween brackets my comments)

“March 14 Forces urge the opposition … to spare the country the dilemma of reciprocal conditions which hampers the dialogue and does not guarantee avoiding a presidential vacuum,” (a rather gratuitous ‘urging’, as that is exactly what the opposition’s proposal consisted of in the first place: Berri had announced that the opposition was willing to drop its demand for a national unity government on condition the country’s feuding political parties agreed on a consensus presidential candidate.) “March 14 welcomes the principles of dialogue and agreement and stresses that dialogue is the Lebanese’ only salvation and (the only way) to rebuild trust in their nation, state and institutions,” (so why did they keep the entire country waiting for weeks before announcing they would participate in the dialogue?) “March 14 considers the upcoming presidential election a fundamental point in restoring political stability (well obviously, yes) and implementing decisions previously adopted by all-party national talks as well as (and here come the buts:) U.N. Security Council resolutions. The statement urged the Hizbullah-led opposition to go to the roundtable meeting “without any guns, excuses or intimidation.” “Let’s not say we want elections (on the basis) of a half-plus-one vote and let them (opposition) not block elections under the pretext of a two-third quorum. (which is the main point of contention, as the half-plus-one would theoretically allow March 14 to choose its own president). Let’s all dedicate ourselves to rescuing the presidential election from the unknown.”


One thought on “Breaking news: ‘March 14’ is prepared to talk

  1. I applaud your optimism and thank you for it.
    But i would not go so far to call this excellent news. it might be a start…. inspired by your upbeat input i shall not continue.

    by the way nice blogging work.

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