Are you an Israeli spy or are you just gay?

Al-Akhbar on its front page today leads with a report on the arrest of ‘an Israeli travelling on a German passport’ (or ‘a dual citizen of Israel and Germany’, as Haaretz would have it) called Daniel Sharon, who is being questioned by military intelligence in connection with a murder in Dahiyyeh, and also faces espionage charges. The man, who has visited Lebanon 11 times over the past 2 years, reportedly has a friend in an unspecified security agency (there’s a wide choice of these in Lebanon) who helped him out within the country, and he also paid a hotel clerk not to mention his full name on documents (not surprisingly, as Sharon is not exactly a popular name in these parts). “He is denying charges of espionage and insists that he is gay and he likes to have sexual relations with Lebanese men and that is why his visits to Lebanon were frequent.” Israelis are officially forbidden entry in Lebanon, whether they hold dual nationality or not. Suspecting fellow human beings whether Lebanese or foreigners of espionage, by the way, seems tp be a national pastime in this country, where conspiracies real and imagined flourish without any need for theories to sustain them. On the other hand, facts to sustain them are plentiful and often just begging for a ‘conspiracy theory’ to make sense of them. They are not all as spectacular as the string of unsolved assassinations. Take for example the newspaper reports about an unnamed Lebanese MP travelling from Syria into Lebanon with a convoy of several cars (presumably black SUV’s with darkened windows – favoured status symbols for those wishing to demonstrate their position on top of the food chain in Lebanon – any party HQ has them driving on and off in droves all day). When soldiers at a checkpoint got suspicious of one of the cars being so obviously heavily loaded as to virtually drag over the ground and ordered them to open it, the MP’s bodyguards reportedly ‘pointed their kalashnikovs at the soldiers in a threatening way’ (ever since I read this, I’ve been trying to imagine a non-threatening way of pointing a kalashnikov at a person but, short of holding them the wrong way round, haven’t come up with one yet…). After the incident was reported in the press, an investigation was ordered both into ‘the content of the cars’ and ‘the failure of the soldiers at the checkpoint to properly investigate the cars’. The results have yet to be announced…

4 thoughts on “Are you an Israeli spy or are you just gay?

  1. And maybe is as simple as that:
    Daniel is an eccentric but harmless gay guy, but not spy, who came to
    Lebanon many times because he likes the orient, and the Arab scene and
    From what I read about him, he’s not the person to work for Israeli authorities. in fact I think he likes Arabs more than he likes me.
    And look at the attitude he gets from Arabs.

  2. well not arabs really, but Lebanon specifically. Im no expert but he could have gone to Jodan, Egypt, or the Gulf states, not the country that is technically at war with Israel. Im not with the accusation that he works for the Israeli authorities coz I guess they could have changed his name to something less obvious than “Sharon” or then again it could be another one of those “Oh poor Israeli boy” situation. But one thing for sure, if he is innocent of all, he sure is a FOOL!

  3. From the people who brought you Operation Susannah and Operation Spring of Youth… Now comes “he’s just a naive convert to Islam who likes to sleep with Lebanese men!”.

    Sure, he might well be a naive boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but then again, maybe he wasn’t. First-off, it’s illegal for him to be in Lebanon, that alone justifies his arrest and whatever penalty is in the books for it. Second, he’s only been caught because of his connection to a security officer whose misplaced service firearm was the murder weapon in a murder seemingly related to passport forgery. That constitutes enough evidence to hold him for investigation. Third, he’s allegedly been to Lebanon 11 times before that… For what exactly? Those absolutely irresistible Lebanese men… When Jordan and Egypt are so easier (and legal) to get into and have exactly the same “amenities”… Not to mention Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Morocco, Tunisia and many many other Arab countries.

    For a nanosecond, imagine the opposite where to happen, a Lebanese man caught in Israel in relation to a murder investigation. He would probably be held without charge, his identity withheld from the public thanks to the country’s dandy new “counter-terrorism laws”, subjected to those lovely “enhanced interrogation” techniques (after Israel ceased to be the only country in the world whose judiciary openly condones torture in 1999… A pity, because one of those torture techniques was rape, of male and female detainees). All the news outlets would be hailing it as yet another coup for Israeli Intelligence.

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