The looting of Sumer and Palestine

One of the most overlooked results of the US/UK war on the Iraqi people (and how many people know that this is already the fifth (5th!) time the UK invades the ‘agressive’ country of Iraq in the mere 90 years of its existence?) is the wholescale destruction and looting of the ancient heritage of the first civilisation in world history which left written records behind. Firstly the invading troops are occupying five different archeological sites with military bases ‘in order to protect them’ – in actual reality willfully destroying them by the heavy traffic of their military vehicles and by building directly on top of them. Doesn’t this remind you of Vietnam- ‘in order to save the village (from communism) we had to destroy it’, as the US put it back then. Secondly, the economics of civil war amid a crippled economy dictate that the various parties and factions exploit every money-making opportunity offered by the territory they control. This means that, in league with corrupt art and antiquity dealers in New York, London, Zurich and Tel Aviv, Iraqis are digging out and exporting every sellable artefact they can find. Gone are the days when Saddam Hussein prohibited the export of national treasures to protect the Mesopotamian patrimony from being exported to the west – or at least that was left of it after the English had robbed it at will during their first and second occupations of the country – go see the British Museum for the proudly displayed evidence of those crimes. The worst part in all this is not even the loss of these objects themselves – which are just ‘things’ that end up in the private collections of the wealthy of this earth – but the fact that they are excavated without any record or detail of finding place, chronological layer or context, meaning we are losing a lot of vital and irreplacable information on the collective past of humankind and on the details of the earliest recorded civilisations. Thanks to us ‘civilized’ westerners of the UK and the US and our allied cronies. Remember how the arrogant English are forever refusing to hand archeological artefacts back to the Greeks and other Mediterranean and Midle Eastern nations that they once occupied and robbed, because ‘these people don’t respect their own past and don’t know how to preserve their archeological remains’. Yeah right… Robert Fisk has a good article on the subject in the Independent. And here is Fisk’s take on the assassination of Antoine Ghanem – Angry As’ad reacts: ‘Robert Fisk: Dazed and Confused. Antonie Ghanem did not represent Armenians and he was not a minister. But notice that sweet friendship between “Walid” and “Robert”‘).

Incidentally, another occupied country which is systematically being robbed of the remnants of its past is Palestine, where the Israelis have over the past 60 years been destroying plenty of ‘inconvenient ‘ proof of the fact that muslim and christian Palestines and Arabs actually have been living there for the past 3000 years, contrary to the preposterous zionist claims of a ‘land without people for a people without land’… I’ve never understood how everybody has let them get away for so long with such a blatant lie while all this time they have actually and physically been surrounded by millions of the people they have terrorised and chased of their ancestral lands. So where did all these Palestinian refugees come from then? Just dropped out of the sky, like manna? Every ‘Israeli’ town and village, and even newly planted forest, is built on top of a destroyed Palestinian village or town. All these Hebrew names invented to sound ‘biblical and archaic’ have replaced actually existing Arabic names which actually had a real, as opposed to actificial and invented, history.

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