Media watch 2

Just to clear up some misunderstandings: I wrote the post about the media treatment of the Rangoon protests before the reports on the deaths came out, and in any case I did not mean to detract from either the brutality of the Rangoon dictatorship or the courage of the Burmese to stand up for their rights in the face of this dictatorship. I wrote in a fit of rage which was directed at the way the media (in this specific case, BBC World and Euronews) went full out at being moralistic in a case where no European and US interests are involved, as opposed to the hypocrisy and deference for power they show in the other cases I mentioned. By the way, as one reader to Angry Arab’s blog (As’ad linked to my article) mentioned, Israel is one of the main suppliers of arms to the Burmese regime, together with Singapore. As another pointed out, ‘Myanmar’ is the name the regime has given to Burma, and it is linked to one particular ethnicity, whereas the opposition uses the name ‘Burma’ as it is a neutral term denoting the area.


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