“Gay Israeli spy” update – or: don’t believe what you read

After 22 days in a prison of the Lebanese Defence Ministry, where he reports having seen Lebanese prisoners being tortured while he was being interrogated, ‘Dany al-Alamani’ (‘German Danny’ or Daniel Sharon), who has been released to Germany, says he is aware that, “thanks to my German citizenship, I have gotten off very lightly. I was only beaten a few times, but not tortured.” Apparently, the Lebanese army has concluded he was neither an Israeli spy, nor involved in the murder case in connection with which he had been arrested. He himself “vehemently” denies allegations that he is gay. He claims he still loves Lebanon and wants to return there as soon as possible, as “it’s a beautiful country, the girls are beautiful, the food’s great.” Well, I can confirm that much – the man’s absolutely right…

Interestingly, in a telephone interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Sharon “chose to speak the Arabic of the Gulf states, in which he is fluent. Although the interview focused on his well-publicized arrest and release, Sharon often veered from the main topic to describe the beauty of Lebanon and his love for its people. His favorite subject, though, is the wild nightlife of Beirut. “I have to mention this pub, Sky Bar. As someone who’s been to almost every place in the whole world I can say that there is nothing like this amazing place anywhere.” And talking about the interrogations: “I tried explaining that I had no connection to Israeli intelligence, that I didn’t serve in the army and that I opposed Israeli policy.” He ends the interview by saying: “My love for this country (i.e. Lebanon) can’t be taken away, I am pained by what happened last year, how they destroyed the country in the war.”


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