Hizbollah and hashish: Realpolitik

“Indeed, Hizbullah in the past has co-opted cross-border drug smuggling networks between Lebanon and Israel, allowing narcotics to flow south into the Jewish state in exchange for intelligence gathered by Israeli drug dealers.

As I argued in a previous post: they are pragmatic people. You can get any drugs you want in Dahiyyeh, if you know the way. It’s not that Hizbollah people themselves are selling them, but nothing happens in Dahiyyeh without their knowledge and, hence, their (implicit or explicit) approval.


One thought on “Hizbollah and hashish: Realpolitik

  1. Honestly, I am a bit skeptical of the last bit. First off, I am immediatly suspicious whenever a source would willing reveal how Hizbullah recieves intelligence, either this comes from Israeli sources (*gasp! smoking hash = dead isaelis!*), or a failed attempt was made, which suggest the obvious limitations of this tactic.

    Either way, I somehow doubt the usefulness of drug dealers finding actionable intelligence beyond cool places to hang out in Tel Aviv. Sure most Israelis serve in the IDF, but you could probably find out the same info anywhere on the ‘net. Highly ranked Soldiers in the IDF, who are drug dealers, have no quams buying cheap pot from Hizb for intelligence are probably a very small number.

    If your a drug dealer you generally don’t want to do more illegal stuff than you can handle. Smuggling drugs is a risky enough proposition, spying on Israel an even more dangerous one, i doubt it would make sense to do both, even if they were practically giving the hash away.

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