The mother of all sparks 3

And here we have the Hizbollah reaction (which at the time of this writing, weirdly enough, is only reported on the Haaretz and USAToday websites – in an English-language search, that is):

In a statement Friday, Hezbollah said the “American efforts were part of a comprehensive plan to link Lebanon with the American project for the region … under deceitful banners such as strategic partnership,” it said.

Hezbollah, which Washington accuses of being a terrorist organization, accused the United States of interference in Lebanese affairs, saying the American plans and the dangers it encompass could turn the country into another Iraq. It did not elaborate. Some in Lebanon have expressed fears that a foreign military presence could attract al-Qaida and other militants, as has happened in Iraq.

Syria, meanwhile, accused the United States of threatening Lebanon’s stability with its backing of the government in the country’s political turmoil. In a letter sent to the United Nations on Thursday, it said U.S. interference has so far deepened divisions by clearly and openly siding with one Lebanese side after the other.


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