Helloween: evil spirits coming out to haunt Lebanon

In the past 24 hours, Israeli F 16’s have been carrying out multiple ‘dummy runs’ over South Lebanon, prompting the LAF to raise its level of alert and to fire at them, and the UN to reinforce peacekeeping troops at the border and to call on Israel for ‘calm’. On Thursday, Lebanon submitted its n-th official complaint to the UN about Israel’s incessant violations of 1701 with these overflights. Israel, ridiculously, claims the flights are ‘justified to monitor Hezbollah weapons (which) kill, the flights don’t kill anyone’ – yeah right, we’ve seen in July and August 2006 how ‘non-lethal’ those innocent IAF flights are… Since then, by the way, there have been no Hezbollah strikes on Israel, which meanwhile is still occupying the Shebaa farms and the northern part of the border village of Ghajar, and refusing to provide maps of the areas which they sprayed with cluster bombs in the last days of the July war, after they realized they had lost the war and after the ceasefire agreement had already been signed.
The flights are part of a large Israeli army exercise (read: ‘intimidation effort’) in the north of Occupied Palestine, which follows the UN report on the implementation of 1701 on Wednesday. The report mentions the overflights and talks about the rearming of Hezbollah. On Thursday, Nasrallah gave a speech in which he claimed that “The resistance today is stronger than before and Israel is weaker. (…) We don’t want war with anyone, but at the same time, we will not allow anyone to attack our villages, people and country.” He also warned that nobody will be allowed to stain Lebanon’s lands, which will not be a land for Israeli occupation or American military bases.” Nasrallah said in September that Hezbollah now has over 33.000 rockets and has promised a ‘big surprise’ in the event of a new attack by Israel. Israel has claimed last week that Hezbollah has tripled its shore-to-sea C-802 missiles and has established an air defense unit armed with ground to air missiles” and “has rearmed with new long-range rockets capable of hitting the Jewish capital.” Israel, the most ceaselessly aggressive country in the entire region, even had the nerve to claim that these much-needed defensive capacities constitute a strategic threat to its security and the safety of its citizens.” In an attempt to sound convincing, they hired US puppet Ban-Ki Moon to read out their statements for them.

On the political front, the US has chosen to side with the lone isolated warmongering voice of Jumblatt with Rice ‘warning against a compromise with the opposition’. While everybody in Lebanon (apart from Krusty – sorry: Walid – the Clown) is desperately trying to find a compromise candidate for the presidential post, all too aware that a new civil war is the last thing anybody needs – supported in this by diplomatic efforts of the EU, the UN and Turkey, to name but a few – the Bush administration obstinately continues with its ‘grand scheme’, which consists basically in setting the entire Middle East on fire and keeping it burning until Israel is the last man standing. And this is Rice, supposedly the ‘voice of reason’ among this bunch of neocons. How very democratic of the US to support a man who ‘represents’ some 6% of the Lebanese population, against the other 94%. Let’s just carry on and sow dissent until another country bursts and Rice can do her very own Rumsfeld: ‘Democracy’s messy, you know. Shit happens’. Impeachment, anybody? Like, right now? Hello-o? Is there anybody out there?


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