Beating the drums of war again

“I approve preemptive strikes against Hizballah. We have to find the exact time. This is one of the lessons I learned from before,” he said. This article on, citing an IDF officer who ‘has many years’ experience fighting Israel’s enemies in Lebanon, from 1982 when the Israeli army invaded to drive out the Palestine Liberation Organization then dominating south Lebanon’ – i.e. an expert on getting the shit beaten out of him and losing every fight he fought over the past 27 years – shows exactly what’s wrong with the military reasoning of Israel and the US: it is military, and military only. Violent warmongers of this type are unable to adjust to reality, caught in a vicious circle where the only remedy they can think of when they lose again is just applying more of the same faulty violent tactics, only this time ‘swifter’, ‘more heavy-handed’, ‘more resolute’ etcetera etcetera. So if Israel is gonna follow this Kaplinsky chap’s advice, it will inflict another round of hardship and violence and slaughter on south Lebanon, with as the only result that they wil get their asses kicked even harder by Hezbollah, and their ‘threat of deterrence’ will suffer an even bigger blow (and they will have created another generation of ‘terrorists’ in the process). His reasoning, shortly paraphrased, is the following: ‘Last year Hezbollah, kicked us out of Lebanon in no time, and now they’re even stronger, so we must go back in now.’ What? Are you really that masochist, in addition to sadist? And how about this immortal one: ‘Kaplinsky believed the organization is not yet ready for another round with Israel because of its internal political battles with the U.S.-backed Lebanese government. That suggests Israel has a window of opportunity to attack Hizballah’s military assets at little cost.’ Pu-lease child! So what happens when the first round of these ‘preemptive strikes’ against Hezbollah hits Lebanon? The Lebanese will (temporarily of course) unite as one behind Hezbollah again, just like they did in the summer of 2006, and not only that: this time the LAF is ready to fight openly alongside them – in fact the LAF are already firing at Israeli warplanes right now. And let’s not forget the various jihadist groups in Ain al-Hilweh and elsewhere, or indeed Fatah in Lebanon. What idiot warmongers like Kaplinsky never seem to get, is that there wouldn’t even be a Hezbollah had they not invaded Lebanon in the first place. They don’t want to see that Hezbollah derives its entire justification from ‘preemptive strikes’ and similar Israeli enemy actions – if they’d just stop attacking and occupying Lebanon for a few years, Hezbollah would disappear in no time – in fact it was having serious trouble justifying its existence as an armed organization before Israel came to save it in the nick of time in July 2006. Repression breeds resistance, it’s as simple as that. Apply more respression, and you will face more resistance. Even if the IDF would succeed in destroying Hezbollah, that would only lead to the creation of a new – and better – resistance organization, just like destroying the PLO led directly to the creation of Hezbollah. And the IDF, frankly, doesn’t stand a prayer’s chance in hell against Hezbollah. And another thing, you can’t take out Hezbollah while ‘sparing the Lebanese people’, because Hezbollah, like it or not, are Lebanese people. But at least now we understand why Condoleezza Rice (and Walid Jumblatt) are sabotaging the solution of the Lebanese presidential crisis: to buy more time for the IDF’s ‘window of opportunity’. Keep going with these birth pangs, girl. You’ll get there, just one more little push…


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