Internet censorship

I have been conducting a brief and very limited survey on blocked blogs in the Middle East – basically started op my ‘restored Firefox session’ in the four countries I’ve been visiting in the last few weeks – discovering that neither Yahoo! nor Google nor Angry Arab’s nor my own blog are blocked in either Lebanon, Yemen, UAE or Saudi Arabia. I actually thought ‘In the Middle of the East’ was blocked in the UAE when I got this page saying ‘We’re sorry, but the contents of this page are offensive to the culture, religion and/or customs pervailing in the UAE’ – but, alas, it is not me who is so important… What they actually block is (any mention of) the new Menasset website that I have presented in a previous post (scroll down a little on this page). Seems like somebody is impressed and feeling threatened already. Off on a good start, I would say. Could somebody check the situation on this issue in Syria and Egypt and post a comment here?

By the way, today Menassat publishes a useful roundup of the reactions of the many Lebanese newspapers to Nasrallah’s speech on  the occasion of Martyr’s Day (Monday 11 November).


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