A view from Lebanon

A knowledgeable Lebanese friend now in Beirut analyses the situation as follows:

‘I read your latest blog on wordpress & i agree with most of it except that in my opinion Lahoud’s action 2nite was left somehow as shades of grey… in the sense that he did not go the full 9 yards by dissolving the cabinet and handing powers to a military council but rather just took off the security decisions from it… thus here the word is that he didn’t provoke fully the cabinet by making it seem like a coup d’etat (especially that the army chief refused to take power of country) & also he took that step to assure the opposition that the armed forces will not be in the hands of Siniora to oppress them but rather it’s left to the army’s discretion to run the security… now for tonight my biggest fear is a word that majority sympathizers will launch fireworks to mark their joy about the stepping down of Lahoud & this might create incidents since the situation is very edgy & volatile streetwise & the army tanks are everywhere… but politically they seem to have agreed to open a gate of hope with statements from Jumblatt which are mild & securing (it’s not known if it’s a manoeuvre to blame it later on Aoun or if he’s being sincere so as not to cause bloodshed) unlike the apparent stance of Lebanese Forces who are still on the verbal assault & Hizbollah vice versa… General opinion is saying that they are waiting for Annapolis & what might come up especially that our neighbours the Syrians seem to have received some concessions by having the Golan Heights featured in talks…’


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