Government: who needs it?

Look at the evidence: both Belgium and Lebanon have been without a functioning government for considerable periods of time now – has life stopped? Has anything broken down or stopped working? Have any wars broken out, new problems appeared? Nope… But look what happens when the politicos reappear on the scene:

“We don’t want a civil war. We want the economy to thrive. The politicians are all thieves and they should go,” said Said al-Homsi, who works in a central Beirut flower shop.

“They are all crooks, looking out for their own interests and paying no attention to the people,” said Daaibis.

“I want them to get this over with,” said a woman who gave her family name as Hazimeh. “The country needs to breathe and relax, like any other country. We don’t feel safe. Everyone is tense and apprehensive and we are paralysed,” she added. She apologised for the channel to which the television behind her was tuned — a political channel interviewing a politician. “My colleague left it on. I never watch the news. I watch songs and videoclips and soap operas,” she said.

The people don’t want war. Look, we are Christian and Shi’ites all sitting happily together here,” said Rose Kodjikian, an elderly Armenian Christian.


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