The void…

A very amusing but also insightful analysis written by Marc Sirois appeared in today’s Daily Star:

‘Lebanon woke up without a president on Saturday, and yet the sky did not fall. There was no technical reason why it should, and as most of the last three years of Emile Lahoud’s tenure showed, the presidency has become a largely symbolic office whose relevance for day-to-day governance is almost non-existent. If the status quo were to remain in place, therefore, the government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora could almost certainly be expected to keep doing what it (and previous cabinets led by previous prime ministers) have always done: provide substandard services, squander public money, and/or condemn future generations to perennial indebtedness.’

A similar (albeit more nihilistic) approach to The Void is displayed on the Bilad ash-Sham blog, which today features a hilarious interview with the empty Presidential Chair.


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