Oh no, not again pt. 2

“A car bomb attack killed one of Lebanon’s top generals and at least two other people Wednesday, the military and state media said, putting even more pressure on the country’s delicate political situation.The target of the attack, Brig. Gen. Francois Hajj, a top Maronite Catholic in the command, was considered a leading candidate to succeed the head of the military, Gen. Michel Suleiman, if Suleiman is elected president.Hajj, 55, also led a major military campaign against Islamic militants over the summer.The blast is the first such attack against the Lebanese army, which has remained neutral in Lebanon’s yearlong political crisis and is widely seen as the only force that can hold the country together amid the bitter infighting between parliament’s rival factions. (…)The slaying of Hajj and its timing amid the deadlock over the presidency raised immediate speculation over who was behind the bombing, which blasted Hajj’s SUV as he drove through a busy street of Baabda district.”

Of course, the M14 people, with Marwan Hamadeh in the lead, immediately started blurting their well-rehearsed chorus of “Syria” and “Hizbullah” (I’m sure they can recite it while asleep by now), but the most likely suspects behind this, and behind many if not all of the previous attacks beginning with Hariri’s assassination, are most likely jihadist groups of the Fatah al-Islam or al-Qaeda variety. See a previous post on this blog for the confessions of an arrested jihadi on Hariri’s assassination, a claim blatantly ignored by both the Lebanese and the UN investigation teams. Although to be fair on Serge Brammertz, he at least tried – contrary to the hapless Detlev Mehlis – to get access to the jihadis in question. He was blocked by precisely those Lebanese parties who are shouting loudest that they want to know ‘al-haqiqa’ (the truth) – or al-ha’i’a as they pronounce it.

The army itself, on the other hand, avoided blaming anyone. This is why the army (and Suleiman) are about the only Lebanese party which still has a minimum of credibility with the population – they tend to wait for evidence before they start kicking wildly around them and blaming whoever they like least at that particular moment. This is why Lebanon has not sunk to a civil war level yet. If you’d leave the army to the Hamadehs, the Sinioras, the Aouns, the Gemayyels and the Jumblatts, the fighting would start in about 5 minutes…


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