Eretz stuff

Remember how Israel is forever accusing Hezbollah and Hamas of ‘hiding among civilians’ to explain the extraordinary rate of ‘collateral damage’ caused by IDF airstrikes? An investigation by an Israeli human rights organization shows they themselves have been doing just that, although mostly among Arab Israeli communities of course. In other Israeli news, it seems that the young generation of Israeli druze have finally realized they are Palestinians and not Israelis after all. Meanwhile the IDF keeps harrassing and detaining Lebanese shepherds who follow their flock across the blue line, as well as flying their warplanes over Lebanon and causing sonic booms at low altitude to terrorize the Lebanese. At one of the planned presidential election dates they even appeared above the Lebanese parliament building in Beirut. Occasionally they get fired at by the Lebanese army, but Lebanon’s European and American ‘friends and allies’ always make sure the LAF doesn’t get hold of the kind of anti-aircraft gear that would actually enable them to hit those Israeli planes…

Nasrallah has made his first live public appearance since the end of the Israeli aggression of 2006, casually mentioning that Hezbollah was still holding various bits and pieces of IDF soldiers which they would be happy to exchange for some of the dozens of Lebanese being held hostage in IDF jails, some of them for over 20 years. Various Israeli cabinet ministers characteristically and immediately called for his assassination. They don’t seem to realize that Nasrallah actually came to power after his predecessor was assassinated by Israel, and that many are waiting to succeed him should he in turn be killed. The only way the Israelis seem to be able to conceive of to live in peace with their neighbours is the total annihilation and ethnic cleansing of their neighbours…

Back in Beirut, meanwhile, ‘Lebanon’s Nostradamus’, who is getting an amazing amount of exposure in this country, has predicted some more trouble (well, that wasn’t very hard to foresee…), while the ‘opposition’ of M8 has announced it is going to resort to ‘actions’ again from the 27th of January onwards. Nice of them to wait for my return to the country. Oh yes, and the presidential election has been postponed again, should anyone still care, this time to the 11th of February…


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