Israel attacking the UN – again

The Daily Star today: ‘Israeli troops on Wednesday interfered with a Spanish peacekeeping unit attached to the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) while they were building a fence on the Lebanese side of the divided Ghajar village and the road leading to it, local security officials said. The Israelis also prevented the Spanish from undertaking the same measure in another location in the village and threatened to open fire on them, the officials said, adding that the peacekeeping force’s command had urged the Israelis to desist. According to officials, the Spanish troops took defensive positions and had orders to retaliate in self-defense if the Israelis opened fire. Witnesses said UNIFIL also dispatched five French Leclerc tanks, several armored personnel carriers, and more than 70 peacekeepers to the area after the incident. Attempts to contact UNIFIL spokespersons to discuss the incident were unsuccessful. UNIFIL and the Lebanese Army have launched an investigation into an incident near Ghajar on Sunday, during which gunfire from Israeli soldiers killed one Lebanese and wounded another.’

The website of CBC (Canada) speaks to the widow of one of the four UNTSO-observers who were assassinated by Israel during the July war on Lebanon – she’s not happy with the lame final report of her country’s ‘investigation’ into the murder: ‘I know my husband was reporting war crimes. And I guess they don’t want to deal with that.

The US have sent a new ambassador to Lebanon. She is called Michele Sason and is transferred from the UAE. Before that she served in a.o. Pakistan, Togo and Haiti. Her first public remark promises little change in the US policy of meddling in Lebanese politics: Outside forces must stop obstructing Lebanese democratic processes and Parliament should meet to elect a new president.’ Blablabla. She is officially the ambassador-designate, as you cannot be an official ambassador in any country until the head of state accepts your credentials. In Lebanon that would be the president. Could be a long wait ahead…


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