The voice of (some of) the people … online since 27/1/08

‘Every year it’s the same fucking thing. Big fucking gathering downtown. Big fucking flags. Big fucking words. Big gestures. Big threats, big balls, big mouths, big promises. Big fucking “so what”? And all this to prove what point exactly? This year, I urge every Lebanese citizen to commemorate the sad and fateful day of February 14 by doing the following:

  1. Turn off your TV sets on the evening of Feb. 13 an don’t turn it on again until Feb. 15.
  2. Spend Feb. 14 at home.
  3. Turn off your radio.
  4. Turn off your work.
  5. Stay at home and listen to good, classical music. Read a nice book. Pray for the souls of all those who died for global political purposes.
  6. Invite your neighbors for a nice meal. No politics, no drama.
  7. Talk about the weather and about the skies that hold wonderful mysteries called stars and clouds.
  8. Write a poem or something.
  9. End the day with a nice cup of cinnamon tea.
  10. Go to sleep in relaxed solitude.

If we all do this, then the fucking politicians will have nothing to shout about, and no one to shout to. All the fucking politicians will show up at Martyr Square with their bodyguards and their bullshit, only to find no one waiting. All their fucking useless speeches can no longer be barked at anyone. No one will be there to show support. They claim they want to avoid civil war, they want to end the crisis, they want life to go on? Well, let’s show them how! We stay at home, mind our own business, socialize with our neighbors, spend time with the kids and family, enjoy a good meal and good music, and go to sleep in happy silence.
That’s civil peace and happy coexistence, isn’t it?

The blog is called ‘I hate Lebanon (and the people of Lebanon)’, it’s had 12,339 visitors since it was started on the 27th of January (the day of the riots) and it’s remarkable in that St.Fuckyou (an anonymous Lebanese) consistently slags off all parties, politicians and religious leaders without discrimination – and often in a very knowledgeable and entertaining way. This was the first entry:

‘I hate Lebanese people. Wherever they go, they take their petty political crap and their pompous self-absorbed attitudes with them. They emigrate, and then refuse to settle down. They emigrate to get passports but they still insist their country is the best. They believe that their country is a piece of heaven on earth, but what Lebanon really is is a garbage dump. One big fucking garbage dump. Lebanese people are, hence, the garbage. And they won’t stop talking about religions and politics. As if god is gonna save them. Or as if their fucking politicians are gonna save them. Or as if European countries love and support them. Or as if the Arabs and Americans love and support them.
Lebanon…you are the piss-pot of the Arab World. Drown in your fucking scum.’


One thought on “The voice of (some of) the people … online since 27/1/08

  1. St.fuckyou wishes it to be known that he started his blog on the morning of the 27th, and hence before, and not in response to, the tire burning activities of that day.

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