First responses to the drumming…

‘We may have to burn everything, but our existence, our honor, our survival and Lebanon are more important.’

Jumblatt’s war cries are already being answered: there is a shootout going on in the Alay area (druze territory) between the militia men of Junblatt (M14) and those of Arslan (both of whom, by the way, are feudal landlord families who have fought over the druze leaderschip for five centuries or so, and the Arslans are now naturally M8 or ‘pro-Syrian’, just because the Junblatts aren’t anymore – whatever…) and other clashes in Ain at-Tineh in Beirut (near Nabih Berry’s home), but it’s unclear to me who is fighting in them (or why).

Another gem from Junblatt’s speech today: ‘As for the mothers, sisters, fathers and relatives of the gang of four officers,” Jumblatt said, referring to the four former security chiefs who have been detained without charge over their possible involvement in the Hariri killing, “they will cry tears of blood when the hangman’s rope is put up for this gang.
Remember that this is a man who was happy to conclude an alliance with the Syrian occupation regime hours after they assassinated his father, and kept at it for over 20 years, before turning all ‘anti-Syrian’ in a matter of days in 2005. And as Angry Arab notes here, by the way, ‘the statement by Walid Jumblat in which he welcomed civil war was not as disturbing as was the enthusiastic reaction of his audience when he said it. I note that his “welcoming of civil war” statements started after the visit of Jumblat and Sanyurah to Saudi Arabia. Conspiracy? What conspiracy? I wonder whether those who are cheering the civil war prospect have tasted the civil wars of Lebanon before.’


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