The bigger picture again

Interesting bits and pieces:

– Saudi Arabia, which has agreed to finance the UN Hariri tribunal, has just announced it will deposit 1 billion dollars into the Lebanese National Bank

– The Russian Black Sea fleet has sailed out in full force into the Mediterranean and is now lying off Tartous and Latakia (on the Syrian coast), equipped with aircraft carriers, missiles and electronic spying equipment, making NATO and certain countries in the area very nervous – in fact there is some talk in the linked article about two Iranian submarines coming along for the party

– Iran is about to launch its first own ‘research’ satellite

– A lot of the Middle East, especially the Gulf countries and Egypt, as well as India, has been hit by a huge internet blackout after, within the space of two days, 5 (five!) separate undersea cables were mysteriously cut

– Egypt and Iran are working on restoring diplomatic relations

– Qatar withdraws its troops from UNIFIL

– Sarkozy announces the installation of a permanent French military base in the UAE


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