‘Ex-MP Nassir Qandil, a staunch supporter of Syria (…) spoke of a “scheme to stage riots on Thursday,” the third anniversary of Hariri’s assassination that would be commemorated by the March 14 majority. There is a plan (by the majority) to flood the squares (with majority supporters) to sweep the sit-in tents,” Qandil claimed. He did not attribute his allegations to any source. “The conspiracy also calls for instigating civil war … in Rashaya and the western Bekaa because the Israeli enemy wants to enter scorched earth,” Qandil added. He predicted that “this would probably push the Syrians to make a powerful return to the region to strike at trouble.” He also spoke of an alleged plot to stir trouble in north Lebanon, cautioning that it would reflect on Syria’s internal situation “and might require direct Syrian intervention to preserve security.” He noted: “The Turkish army enters Iraq at any chosen time to safeguard Turkey’s security.”


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