What conspiracy?

(edited & updated 19/2)

‘Al Manar reports that the respected Israeli political analyst Emmanuel Rosen disclosed that a “well informed political source” admitted to him the Olmert government “received a letter from the Lebanese government in the last 24 hours of the war asking them not to stop the war before Hezbollah was crushed, adding that it is extremely preferable to liquid Nasrallah.”
Ha’aretz correspondent Avi Issacharoff, in his book ‘Spider Webs – The Story of the Second Lebanon War’ (…) says: “For the first time, we reveal that moderate Arab states and the people close to the Lebanese government have conveyed messages to the Israeli government via different sides demanding Israel continue the war until Hezbollah was completely crushed.”
When all of these facts are brought to the forefront, the duplicity of Lebanon’s government becomes truly remarkable. They seek to convince us of being the victims, yet they suffered the least and complained the most about the war. The people of southern Lebanon and Beirut on the other hand, who suffered the most from the Israeli onslaught, complained the least, even when left homeless. A third of the cabinet positions, in order to exercise some measure of restraint on those cutting deals with the United States and Israel-against them no less-is their only demand. Plainly stated, Lebanon’s March 14 Coalition is the War Party and Siniora, Hariri, Jumblatt, Geagea and Gemayal its foot soldiers. They have the support of the War Party in the United States and forged an alliance with Israel (every government of which constitutes a War Party) against their own people.

And speaking of conspiracies, the same well-informed blog (Friday Lunch Club) where I picked up the above, today (19/2) translates the following parts of an article in Al-Akhbar:

‘Ibrahim Al Amine writes in Al Akhbar, here
“…. A ‘report’, originated in Moscow speaks of “US Administration Lunacy, committing the worst”. Same has been discussed with representatives of IMPORTANT regional powers (KSA?) on US ‘Obsession’ with Iran, Syria & the insurgencies across the region.”
“….Palestinian forces, opposed to the PA speak of a US-Israeli “Cellule Noire”, with primary task of removing certain personalities in order to facilitate the “phase ahead in the Palestinian territories.”
“…. Same applies to Lebanon: An ‘unscheduled” trip by a non-civilian representative of a ‘key Arab country’ to Lebanon (met with pro-government & opposition forces) and relayed to Hezbollah that the “ordre du jour” was to liquidate Hamas & Hezbollah leaders in Beirut & … Damascus.”
“…. A Key Lebanese non-civilian ‘organization’ completed a file on Jordanian active participation in the training & excution of elements & operations. (with names of Jordanian Officers)”
“…. A Key personality in the ‘Office of Mahmood Abbas’ relays information on contacts between Lebanese & Israeli sides, …. with trickling logistical support through the Iraqi semi autonomous territories … with key roles of certain US security companies, extending beyond ‘perscribed’ responsabilities.”
“…. A senior French intelligence official relayed to ‘key Arab players’ that the situation in Lebanon has become “most fluid” …. with possibilities of serious repercussion on the Syrian security stage …with mounting pressures on the Regime in Damascus, with “off the shelf” US-EU-UN sanctions … The French Senior Intelligence official added that “Mughniyeh’s hit should not only be seen as part of an Israel-Hezbollah struggle, … that any such operation did go through a political & security approval (by the United States) not only because of the repercussions … but to put the operation in ITS PROPER CONTEXT.”
Al Amine (who is close to the Hezbollah Leadership) finished with the fact that “Hassan Nasrallah visited Mughniyeh’s grave the night of February 14, read a verse from the Koran, and pledged to Mughniyeh:”You don’t need a pledge from me … I promise you we will leave them no time for regrets!”

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