Bits & pieces 2

The French are closing two of their cultural centres, in Saida and Tripoli, ‘for security reasons‘.
Israel is deploying Patriot missiles around Haifa and soldiers along the Lebanese border.
Sheikh Nabil Kauk (Hezbollah) on Sunday announced: ‘It won’t be long before the conceited Zionists realize that Imad Mughniyah’s blood is extremely costly, and it makes history and brings about a new victory. (… Israel is) standing on one leg of fear and trepidation, having become the hostage of its own act of stupidity.’
Fuad Siniora, possibly reacting to the Israeli leak I mentioned in my previous post, has reiterated Lebanon’s army doctrine and official government position which states that Lebanon
wants good relations with all countries in the world except for Israel, ‘which is our only enemy.

US military doctrine in a nutshell: ‘But we don’t want it to be a fair fight. We want to win with overwhelming force.’
The same article in USAToday, which talks about the Pentagon studying a classified report on the 2006 July war in order to improve their (and Israel’s) capability to fight Hezbollah in the future, ends with this paragraph:
‘Retired Army major general Robert Scales, who has seen the briefing, called Hezbollah’s tactics a revolution in warfare. “This is the first time an irregular force has been equipped with precision weapons,” he said. Scales’ solution: more U.S. infantry troops riding to battle in vehicles that can withstand roadside bombs and armed with real-time information about the enemy’s movements. While air power is important, he said, ground troops are critical to rooting out the enemy. “The Israelis could have put 2,000 F-16s over Lebanon,” he said, “and it would not have made a lick of difference.” Potential U.S. adversaries know about Hezbollah’s success, too, Slafkosky said. “They share this stuff all the time on the Internet.” Such threats, Vandiver said, are “proliferating. They can only get bigger, badder and harder.”

As the saying goes: oppression breeds resistance, and more oppression will only breed more resistance.


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