As-sifara al-kuwaitiya

The Kuwaiti embassy is where the minibuses leave for Tyr. Today, ‘”Reuters news agency received a telephone call from an anonymous person at 9:50 am saying the embassy would be bombed with two rockets at 10 am,” a security official said. He said the caller then hung up. The agency called Lebanese authorities which immediately boosted security around the embassy compound in Beirut’s Bir Hassan neighborhood, still under renovation, and an office building annex opposite Arisco Center on the main Hamra thoroughfare.’ Kuwaitis are now getting the same travel advice from their government as their Saudi neighbours. On Saturday some Kuwaiti lawyers filed a complaint against two Kuwaiti shia MPs who had been organizing mourning sessions for Imad Mughniyeh, attended by hundreds of Kuwaiti shia: ‘”We accused them of being founders and members of Hizbullah Kuwait, undermining national unity and declaring loyalty to Lebanon’s Hizbullah,” Mutairi said after meeting the public prosecutor. The charges are punishable under Kuwait’s penal code, he said. Lebanon’s Hizbullah does not have a known offshoot in Kuwait, but some people in the Gulf emirate believe there is such a group operating underground and refer to it as “Hizbullah Kuwait.”Presumably today’s threat (which was never carried out) had something to do with that. Mughniyeh was a wanted man in Kuwait too, being accused of involvement in a plane kidnapping in 1988 in which 2 Kuwaitis were among the dead.

Some people I met today are saying tomorrow undefined ‘troubles’ will be made by unspecified persons, presumably in Beirut. No sign of this rumour in any local media here, as far as I can see. Most of the rumours that have been going around in the past few weeks have turned out to be false anyway. I’m writing about this one because a) more than a few persons seem to be spreading it and b) if it does come true, you’ve read it here first!


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