Kuweiti Hezbollah?

Did anyone ever hear of ‘Hizbullah Kuweit’? It was invented a few days ago as a name for a the shia who were mourning Mughniyeh in Kuwait. Suddenly the story takes on a life of its own, and we are now told: ‘Mughniyeh, the Iraqi official said, had also sponsored the so-called Thaarullah (God’s Revenge) underground group operating in the southern Iraqi province of Basra. The group, according to reliable sources, is in charge of supervising activities of the so-called Kuwaiti Hizbullah that surfaced after the Mughniyeh assassination.’ Hajj Ridwan is meanwhile being elevated to legendary status: not only was he personally responsible, according to Nasrallah, for both of the Israeli defeats in Lebanon (2000 & 2006), he apparently founded the Mahdi Army and Thaarullah as well and single-handedly trained all of the Iraqi resistance (presumably during the coffee breaks in his core business of training the Lebanese resistance). Makes you wonder if there still is a Hezbollah left after his assassination. Nasrallah for one doesn’t doubt it. Of course, believers never doubt anyway, they can’t really afford to… But still, consider the following syllogism:
Premise 1: Nasrallah never makes promises he can’t deliver. He has never been known to lie or bluff and always does what he says (so admit even his worst foes in the Israeli government).
Premise 2: Nasrallah yesterday assured the world that Hezbollah, when attacked, will utterly defeat the Israeli army and that Israel, left without an army, will ‘cease to exist‘.
Conclusion? Anybody?


One thought on “Kuweiti Hezbollah?

  1. Yeah Mughnieh is portrayed as a James Bond type of agent. He is doing it all. Even some silly reports in the kuweiti press said that he died while booby traping cars in damascus to bomp Feb 14 demonstration!!!! However a dummier report reasoned that this is unliekly cause:
    1- he can do the job in Beirut
    2- he is so skilled to make this rocky mistake
    Now Mughnieh is portrayed as the center of all the Iranian operation in the region in Irak, Palestine, the GULF, and of course Lebanon.
    Watching so many movies has caused a serious damage to the media and to those behind it. They fell short to imagine an important man not doing it all and not present in every planning/excution step. I am surprised there is no report that Mughnieh had blown himself a couple of time in the suicidal attacks attributed to him.
    I guess we all saw that coming when we read Mellis reporting the story of Siddik. The guy was all over the plcae, witnessed the car booby trapped in Syria, saw a syrian officer driving the car through the borders, drove lebanese officers around, attended a planning session etc…
    A striking resemblence in the quality of reporting that makes you wonder.

    PS: this is not the first time Hizbullah kuweit name surfaces, in the 80’s they were accused of many attacks. I am not sure they are for real but certainly the name is not New.

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