The second act

The shooting of 8 students in the Jerusalem yeshiva was claimed – on Hezbolah’s TV channel al-Manar – by ‘the previously unknown group ‘Phalange of the Free Men of Galilee – Groups of the martyr Imad Mughniyeh and the martyrs of Gaza‘. So this is act two in the game started by the mossad (presumably) by killing Mughniyeh in Damascus. In one of the most extreme examples of the double standards applied to the Middle East, Bush, who had nothing to say about the killing of 120-plus Palestinians – including two newborn babies – by the Israelis in Gaza just days earlier, was quick to offer his condolences for the 8 Israeli dead. Even in death, all Semites are not equal… In fact, some of the dead don’t even have the right to be mourned: ‘Haaretz said that over the weekend, eight East Jerusalem residents were arrested in connection with Ala Abu Dhaim’s shooting attack. Abu Dhaim’s father, two of his brothers and two cousins are among those detained, Haaretz said on its website. It said that the father also removed Hamas and Hizbullah flags from a mourners’ tent the family had erected, after being instructed to do so by police.’


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