Unrest Continues across Lebanon (naharnet)
2:40 pm The Lebanese army succeeded in disengaging pro-government supporters from opposition partisans in Beirut’s Barbour neighborhood.
2:25 pm Mufti Akkar Sheikh Ousama al-Rifai vowed “allegiance” to Beirut residence and promised them he would not allow those “working under different names” to take their lives because they’re easy prey.
2:20 pm Mufti Jouzou warned Hizbullah against operating under the umbrella of the resistance.
2:15 pm The Lebanese Army Command warned that if the present situation persists it would pose a threat to the military establishment’s unity.
2:10 pm The Coastal highway has been blocked at Naameh south of Beirut with rocks and burning tires.
2:05 pm Road to Sidon closed at Awali River.
1:45 pm Vice President of Higher Shiite Council Sheikh Abdel Amir Qabalan labeled a government decision against Hizbullah’s telecommunications network a “crime” and said it was a scheme to sow discord and facilitate Israel’s work.
1:40 pm The Higher Islamic Shiite Council said the only solution to end the unrest in Lebanon is for the government to back down from its decisions against Hizbullah
12:40 pm Clashes erupted between pro- and anti-government supporters in Mina near Tripoli in north Lebanon.
12:20 pm Protestors set up an earth mound in the Tiro-Hay al-Sullum area.
12:02 pm Two members of Al Mustaqbal movement were kidnapped from the predominantly Sunni Beirut neighborhood of Basta.
12:00 pm Lebanese citizen Rola Bou Hamdan died of her wounds sustained in Saadnayel fighting.
11:45 am Masnaa road linking Lebanon with Syria is totally closed by earth mounds.
11:40 am A meeting of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council is underway.
11:35 am Dahr el-Baidar road closed.
11:00 am The number of wounded in Saadnayel-Taalbaya clashes jumped to six as fighting continues.
10:32 am Protestors close Mdoukha-Kefraya road in Western Bekaa.
10:30 am One person is reportedly wounded in renewed armed clashes in Taalbaya.
10:00 am Lebanese army troops closed all roads between Shiyah and Ein el-Rummaneh, the former demarcation line between Christian and Muslim areas and where the 1975-90 civil war began.
9:58 am Protestors close Marj road leading to Masnaa on Syria-Lebanon border.
9:50 am Protestors block several roads in Western Bekaa, particularly at Kefraya, Jib Jinine and Khirbit Kanafar intersections.
9:45 am Cautious calm prevails over Taalbaya and Taanayel after clashes died down and Lebanese army troops cordoned off the area.

Little detail in an-Nahar (printed edition) today: ‘An Iranian plane landed in the airport in an unscheduled flight with 100 Lebanese nationals and 300 Iranians aboard. Hezbollah facilitated the passengers’ exit into Dahiyeh.’

As-Safir newspaper today: ‘The majority reportedly exerted pressure on the Army Command in order to declare the state of emergency, but the army commander rejected any attempt to entangle the army into the street war.

The army commander threatened to resign if the situation remains as it is, and both sides remain attached to their positions. He also threatened to have the army retreat inside its barracks in order to preserve its unity.”


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