Hitting the nail on the head: Friday Lunch Club

‘Jumblatt: “It APPEARS that the ‘landline telecom network’ pertains to the security of the Resistance…”
Friday Lunch Club: ‘No kidding? Couldn’t you have like ‘double checked’ before you plunged the country in strife, and given the Opposition this swift victory?”

Hitting the nail on the head indeed – although, of course, there’s never any telling whose side Ol’ Motorcycle Man is really on at any given moment. After all, after instigating the whole shit of the last few days, he didn’t care to defend his Mustaqbal allies when HA & Amal attacked them and instead negotiated his safety and that of his goons by ceding their Verdun positions to Amal without a fight. Something is telling me the man is already busy preparing the next 180° turn in the never-ending slalom of his political life. After all, we have a new winner now…

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