‘USS Cole seen crossing Suez Canal en route to Mediterranean Sea.’

For those who didn’t get it: that is the single most worrying piece of news of the entire day…

Although ‘MP Allouch: armed men are gathering around the Grand Serail’ makes a close second.

The Grand Serail, by way of information, is the seat of government. The seat of the ‘western-backed Siniora government’, that is. A few days ago, a local journalist friend of mine who is friendly with some Hezbollah officials was shown a serious – and he stressed ‘serious’ – amount of heavy weaponry stocked in some of the tents of the opposition’s sit-in in Downtown Beirut – i.e. right next to the Grand Serail. As well as, incidentally, right next to UN House, where I am supposed to be working these days, but I keep getting these fnord messages from UN SIOC (the UN security service) telling me not to show up for work…


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