Halba in Akkar

Look here for a truly horrifying account of the fighting between Mustaqbal (M14 – pro-government) militias and the SSNP (opposition – allied to HA & Amal) in the far north of the country. It’s from a blog written by an SSNP-supporter. I personally have no way of verifying this account, but it’s not the first time I heard about these atrocities, and it’s a well-known fact that Future (Mustaqbal) rogues have been violently attacking SSNP and HA offices in ‘their’ areas regularly over the past few years. The post is called ‘Is it Rwanda or Lebanon?’:

‘On friday night, mosques across Akkar, called for demonstrations in Halba. At the time, i was with a bunch of friends from different political parties(pro-government and opposition). Everybody present knew what was going to happen at that demonstration. They all knew because it had happened before. Almost a year ago, Future movement called for a demonstration that soon turned into an attack on the SSNP headquarters in Halba, the result was 5 FMers injured and the attack was repelled. (…) Well, what everybody speculated happened. The demonstration was suppose to take place at 10 AM, people from my area told me that they were going to torch down the HQ. Soon, news arrived that the demonstration was postponed till 11, and at around 10:30, clashes began. To put things into perspective, i’m pro-opposition in the middle of a pro-government area. Even though most of them are friends and family, paranoia hit me when i learned that people very close to me where taking part in the clashes and even leading the attack. That meant one thing, we were next. Automatically that SSNP HQ, became our last line of defense. I know this might seem strange, but that’s exactly how we felt. All roads coming from the south(Tripolis) was cut by the army and pro-SSNP members set up a blockade and captured over 50 fully armed FMrs, coming from Brkayel and Bibnin, sent by none-other then the Mufty(highest Muslim cleric in akkar) himself. The FMers were stripped from their guns and sent back. Somebody told us that reinforcement were coming from Koura (SSNP stronghold), but it was stopped by the army. Negotiations began to put an end to the fighting, and the attackers demanded that the SSNP evacuates the HQ and hands it over to them. SSNP fighters rejected the offer, and the fighting continued as both sides used machine guns, B-7s, stingers (WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GET THAT????) and mortars (the home of a journalist i knew was hit with two successive mortar shells with his kids inside the house, we caught with him later). At 4:30 PM, SSNP fighters ran out of ammo as FMers moved in and threw a burning Truck tire into the HQ. At this point, a shaikh intervened and asked the SSNP fighter to hand over the office to the army, the fighters agreed after the shaikh guaranteed their security. Army soldiers took over the office and we all thought that this was it. It wasn’t. FMers stormed the office and as the army watched, lined up the SSNP fighters on a wall and executed them at point blank range. They executed the fighters after they surrendered. That wasn’t all, FMrs brought axes and started hammering down at bodies, cutting every limb. All of this happened while the army was watching. At around 5:00 PM, the door bell rings. Its a distant relative of mine(who’s an FMer btw), he came to tell us that he was just in halba and witnessed the atrocities that was being committed. He came to urge us to leave the country immediately because they were coming to us next. We stayed a while trying to figure out, witch road to take, as news came that FMers are setting checkpoints everywhere, asking for IDs and checking the trunks. We decided on a road and quickly headed towards the borders. I’m writing this now, from a net cafe in Syria. The massacre did not end at the SSNP HQ, FMers are attacking the houses of all the known pro-opposition people in Akkar, 2 people died in Tikrit yesterday and they also killed three injured fighters(from the HQ clash) inside hospitals, one of them was taken from the hospital, locked inside a car and the car was torched down with him burning inside.


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  1. ‘You guys’ presumably referring to the original blog that posted this account, darkoysm.wordpress.com, they link to the videos from their site – here they are:




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