Back in the day…

Looking back at some previous posts on this blog, I came across the predictions ‘Lebanon’s Nostradamus’ Michel Hayek made in October of last year, in an article in the Daily Star entitled ‘‘Clairvoyant’ sees new Lebanese president, more assassinations, Hizbullah ’surprise’: ‘Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun and Premier Fouad Siniora are part of a plan and I see a new stand, position and equation,” he predicted, adding that Hizbullah would make a decision “that will surprise many people.”

Mmmmhh…. so are those assassinations still to come!? Somewhat less fortunate were the legendary ahlan wa-sahlan war cries of Junblatt and Hariri dating from February this year:

‘“You want anarchy? (We) welcome anarchy. you want war? (We) welcome war,” Jumblatt said, to the cheers of supporters. “There is no problem with weapons …,” added Jumblatt, an influential figure in the governing coalition whose war of words with the opposition has recently escalated.

“If our fate is confrontation, then we are for it,” said Hariri. Gunfire rang out in Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon soon as Hariri’s interview began in celebration of the deputy’s TV appearance.’


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