Desperate for a scoop…

‘EXCLUSIVE: Hezbollah poised to strike?‘ All of a sudden, there is this talk about Hizbullah ‘sleeper cells’ in Canada. Somehow, this scoop was limited to ABCnews, and look what they actually say in the article: ‘There is no credible information on a specific target, according to the officials. Suspected Hezbollah operatives have conducted recent surveillance on the Israeli embassy in Ottawa, Canada and on several synagogues in Toronto, according to the officials.'(…) Latin American (sic) is also considered a possible target by officials following Hezbollah’s planning.’ Naharnet, doing its own enquiries (or so they present it on their website – but these are actually lines copied out of the ABC article), has this to report: ‘When asked about the alleged Hizbullah threats, Stockwell Day, Canada’s Public Safety Minister, confirmed that Canadian authorities were keeping an eye on the organization. “It’s something that’s watched,” he said. However, Canada’s National Post quoted one of the federal police force’s top national security officers in Ontario, Jamie Jagoe, as saying “at the present time there is no known specific threat to any specific location in the city of Toronto or anything like that. We have many ongoing investigations involving listed terrorist organizations. I can’t get into specifics.” Special Agent Richard Kolko of the Federal Bureau of Investigation similarly characterized the report. “Hizbullah remains a threat to security in different parts of the world. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces conduct investigations into different groups that potentially pose a threat to the U.S. or our interests overseas; however, the FBI and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) have no specific intelligence about any group or so-called sleeper cells planning an attack,” Kolko said.’

In other words, apart from the fact that some cop spotted some random ay-rabs in the neighbourhood of some equally random Israeli embassy or a synagogue, nothing has actually happened. The article is full of no-brainers and irrelevant quotes such as ‘While US officials say there is no credible information of a Hezbollah attack on American soil, the Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff, told Fox News two weeks ago, that “they make al Qaeda look like a minor league team.”‘ Yes well, it’s his job to spread fear, isn’t it? Who makes this shit up? The ‘investigative team’ of ABC, John Esposito and Brian Ross, apparently – so desperate for a scoop they’ll print any old rumour and recycle any old quotes to dress it up in. Oh, on the positive side, they did get the one concrete fact in the article right: ‘Hezbollah, which means ‘Party of God’…

In other duh… news:

Former US ambassador Jeffrey Feltman apparently had the same reservations I mentioned in an earlier post about the proposed new location of their Lebanese embassy, and such is the scarcity of comon sense in US foreign policy circles that he actually had to wage a serious battle against the administration: ‘In cable after cable, Feltman argued it was unsafe to construct the new embassy on property that was bought for that purpose in 2004 but had later fallen into the hands of Hizbullah. Higher-ups in Washington were insisting on going ahead with the project. Finally, last July, it was put on hold. “Ambassador Feltman challenged this decision and repeatedly appealed directly to the highest levels of the State Department“‘

Venezuelan foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro to US: “If they want to search for terrorists, look for them in the White House“.

HA-news that actually does seem to have happened: ‘Several explosions were reported in the Jezzine Mountain range, which is a Hizbullah stronghold in south Lebanon, and witnesses reported that Hizbullah ambulances evacuated several casualties. A police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Naharnet at least three explosions were heard in the remote region, about 46 kilometers east of Sidon, provincial capital of south Lebanon. The official said police could not establish the exact nature of the blasts because Hizbullah does not allow security forces into the area. However witnesses reported observing ambulances of Hizbullah’s Islamic Health Authority racing into the area and making return trips with sirens wailing. The ambulances, according to several witnesses, did not head to Sidon, where the closest hospitals are located, but drove to south Beirut where Hizbullah operates private hospitals.’

As well as: ‘Any withdrawal from Shebaa Farms “will not change the fact that Lebanon needs the resistance,” Hizbullah MP Hassan Fadlallah said. “Any Zionist withdrawal from the Shebaa Farms would be a big achievement for the resistance for this would be the result of its role and its pressure,” Fadlallah said. Hizbullah, which forced Israel’s pullout from south Lebanon in May 2000 after two decades of occupation, sees itself as the legitimate ‘resistance’ to the Jewish state. Fadlallah also accused the international community, particularly the United States, of involving itself recently in the Shebaa Farms issue “for aims linked to the resistance” – a reference to demands for Hizbullah to disarm.” “Those who think that putting the Shebaa Farms under international supervision could put pressure on the resistance…delude themselves,” he added. During a surprise visit to Lebanon Monday, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she believed it was time to resolve the Shebaa Farms dispute in conformity with U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701. Meanwhile, the opposition’s follow-up committee said in a statement that the “resistance weapons are not subject to bargaining or compromise.”


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