Hezbollah in action?

Weeks after a rather confused statement by the ‘supreme leader’ of the Phalangists, Amin Gemayyel, about Hezbollah takng over a mountain top near Sannine with ‘military installations’ (Gemayyel offered no proof or substantiation whatsoever), Debka-net (a paysite which I cannot directly quote) comes out with the following story (this quoted from Naharnet): ‘Hizbullah has reportedly set up radar-guided missile positions in Mount Sannine, commandeering the 7,800-foot mountain range, according to an Israeli news report. The report, carried by Debka-Net website, said that in the past few weeks Hizbullah, upon instructions from Iran, seized control of Mount Sannine which it described as a “strategic asset capable of determining the outcome of the next war.” It said radar-guided missile positions and an early warning station have since been deployed on Sannine peak, “which are capable of monitoring and threatening U.S. Sixth Fleet movements in the eastern Mediterranean and Israel Air Force flights.” Debka-Net said that this development was “serious enough for Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak to repeat three times in as many days that the IDF is keeping a close watch on events in the northern front, especially the deepening ties between Syria and the Lebanese Hizbullah.” Sannine’s “takeover on behalf of Tehran places Israeli security at a grave disadvantage,” it said. The website quoted military sources as saying that “military movements carried out in the last two weeks by Hizbullah ‚Ķ can only be interpreted as preparations for war.”


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