Bombs and diplomatic relations

It seems that, for the first time since its independence in 1943, Lebanon might soon have an embassy of one of its two neighbours installed in Beirut. Syria finally seems to have entered the 21st century and renounced its claims on Lebanon as a part of ‘Bilad ash-Sham’. Bashar wants to ride the Sarkozy-initiated wave and recapture Syria’s international status and will open a Syrian embassy. It is reportedly to be installed in the building (or what’s left of it) that used to house the US embassy until that was blown up in a spectacular action of Islamic Jihad during the civil war in 1983, which killed numerous CIA operatives from all over the Middle East who had gathered there for a meeting. That leaves one neighbour without diplomatic relations – and they are not likely to be established anytime soon either

On the same historic day, a bomb exploded at a Tripoli busstop where LAF soldiers gather, killing (depending on the source) anything between 12 and 19 people and wounding scores more. Seven of the dead and dozens of the wounded are soldiers. Smells like jihad… Hariri, known for funding these salafis and jihadis for years and years now for his own electoral profits and short-sighted political and military aims (like ‘balancing the military force of Hizbullah’), has called for the security forces to ‘stop the rearming of terrorist factions and curb infiltration in Tripoli’. Maybe he himself is in a better position to do so…

I can’t resist pointing out here the similarities between Georgia’s coke-dazed mafioso boss Saakashvili and his Lebanese counterparts: both sides believed the US would actually lift a finger to help them, both were too self-indulged and egocentric to see the changes in the real world and read the writing on the wall, and both paid the price for their naivity (to put it generously)… The US and Israel – predictably up to their necks in Georgia as ‘military advisers’ not to mention fellow mafiosos with tentacles into prostitution networks and blood diamond smuggling all the way to Antwerp, Belgium – are the kind of friends that make you wonder why you would need enemies…
And up goes the oil price!


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