The shifting balance

Remember those cold war days, when we were all complaining about the divided world and the imminent nuclear threat? The last ten years of US ‘unipolar’ rule have gotten a lot of us yearning back to those days, when at least there was some system of checks and balances between the two sides preventing either one from the kind of utter megalomanic domination and oppression the US has been exercising since. ‘Mutually assured destruction’ acquires a much more positive connotation when you compare it to ‘unilaterally assured destruction’.
It looks like 08/08/08 in Georgia is a date to remember – and one that will have a far more lasting effect than 09/11: the turning point allowing Russia to resume its lost place as a hegemonic power. Since the neocon and Israel-sponsored invasion of South Ossetia by the laughably overconfident Saakashvili, Russia can now openly and more forcefully than before support the anti-US powers in the world, and it’s starting right away with Syria and Venezuela. Chavez this week announced a visit of a Russian fleet to his country. Medvedev has just invited Assad for a state visit, and Assad, who was making a comeback of his own, has obliged by announcing, gleefully, that Syria is willing to deploy the Iskander anti-missile shield ‘on its territory to strengthen the security of Moscow, which is facing in Georgia challenges similar to what Damascus had encountered in Lebanon‘. This makes as little sense as the US claiming its missile shield in Poland and Czechia is there to ‘defend the US against Iranian missiles’ – but then, that’s the whole point of course. In addition, there is this report of Turkey becoming closer friends with Iran and Syria and now refusing US warships access to the Black Sea (read: to Georgia).
So the end result of 8 years of ‘the Bush doctrine’ is that all the US’s real and imagined enemies (Iran, Russia, Syria, China, North Korea, Venezuela) are now twice as strong as they were when he came to power, and the US – stuck in the same Afghan swamp they boasted getting the soviets into to finish off their empire, and in an Iraqi one besides to boot – find their influence and power at an all-time low not seen since before WWII at least. Not to mention the fact that the US economy, or what’s left of it, is now almost entirely owned by Russia, China and the GCC countries. And additionally Bush destroyed the ‘western values of freedom and democracy’ (such as they were) to replace them by the exact authoritarian oppressive system he accused bin Laden of wanting to install. Way to go, Dubya! Well you can’t say the man hasn’t been consistent… consistently wrong that is. Which might yet turn out to be a bonus for the world at large. And then onto the stage walks McCain, the mutha of all crazy cowboys…


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