Lost: Ethiopian Housemaid… and 1 million Israeli clusterbombs

It is common to see adverts in Lebanese newspapers like this one:

M***** G**********

left her employer’s house on 17-8-08
and did not return. Whomever
employs her will be subject to
legal pursuit. (961) 3 ******
(961) 9 ******

(Daily Star, 25/08/2008, printed edition)

Don’t you just love the sincere worry about the poor paperless woman’s whereabouts that oozes from this ad? As long as nobody else is ‘illegally employing’ their ‘property’, these people obviously couldn’t care less. Is she living in the street? Has she got something to eat? Has she been kidnapped and forced to prostitute herself to fat gulfies in a ‘super night club’? Whatever… In Lebanon, housemaids have been ‘suiciding’ or ‘dying while trying to escape from the nth floor flats of their employers’ at the rate of one a week. Criminal investigations are virtually never deemed necessary by the Lebanese police force, or consist entirely of taking down the uncontested statements of their employers, who typically declare that their maids were ‘depressed’… As in the gulf countries, these poor women are often treated horribly and cruelly to the point where it’s not exaggerated to speak of slavery or worse. This finally seems to filter through to mainstream local and foreign media who have been paying some long-overdue attention to this ‘phenomenon’ recently.

In other news, one Belgian sapper has been killed today and another wounded while demining some of the lethal toys Israel has so generously distributed throughout the south of Lebanon, and which have since killed 30 Lebanese citizens and wounded over 220 more. The bulk of the UN’s demining programs will reportedly soon be stopped, moreover, because of lack of funds


3 thoughts on “Lost: Ethiopian Housemaid… and 1 million Israeli clusterbombs

  1. I think that the original employers have to put the ads for three days in a row in the newspapers otherwise by law they would be liable for any criminal acts she may commit.

  2. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I was going to also. I was reading this at work and pointed the ad out with disgust. the next day the ad was gone. But where and what happened to this voiceless maid, I wonder?

  3. dear sir i live in ethiopia my wife nestanet sunkamo jemal went to lebanon before 5years she make a call until the last 10 months but since then she lost her mobile number was 96171024309 but now it is not working if it is ur kindness plse find me how and where she is thanks

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