Some assassinations are different from others…

If you live in Europe or the US, you cold be excused for ignoring that another politician has been assassinated in the land of the cedars. No wall-to-wall coverage on BBC, no outraged live ‘breaking news’ outcries on CNN, and even Al Jazeera English has been strangely quiet. So what happened? The murdered politician was not in the M14 camp, that’s what happened. It’s kinda hard to point the finger at usual suspect Syria for the murder of Saleh Aridi, a (relatively unimportant) representative of Talal Arslan’s Lebanese Democratic Party, which represents the minority druze faction that sides with the opposition. Nevertheless, the international investigation commission which is following up on the Hariri assassination and all others that followed it, is very interested in investigating this particular case, because preliminary investigations have ‘detected similarities with the attempts that has targeted Samir Kassir, George Hawi and May Chidiak‘. In other words, it is likely that the perpetrators of this assassination are the same people who perpetrated the murders on the M14 politicians. Which in turn undermines the theory of Syrian responsibility for the other assassinations. So no screaming headlines in the western mainstream media this time…


One thought on “Some assassinations are different from others…

  1. Your theory that this absolves Syria doesn’t take into account that there is a well known pro-syrian stooge who is completely capable of carrying out assasinations of M14 supporters, and is currently on the outs with his M8 buddy Arsaln.

    Seems he’s a little pissed off at being excluded from a menage a trois with arslan and jumblat.

    Consequently the “expertise” one aquires from political assasinations can also be used for personal purposes.

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