More warmongering by the eternally deluded

‘Israel has reiterated its threats against Lebanon amid talk about practical scenarios where the Israeli army would occupy the area south of the Litani and end its war with Hizbullah in a “quick and decisive victory.” The Jerusalem Post, quoting Israeli military sources, said the elite Golani Brigade has only recently concluded a one-week maneuver on the Golan Heights amid talk about the possibility that Israel could wage war both on Syria and Hizbullah. A senior Israeli officer told the daily that since Israel considers Hizbullah as a “partner” in the Lebanese government with veto powers, there is no reason to separate targets belonging to the Shiite group from others belonging to Lebanese areas in the next war.’

Semantics are a funny thung. Just replace ‘Israel’ in this quote with ‘Iran’, ‘Golani Brigades’ with ‘Revolutionary Guards’ and ‘Hizbullah’ with ‘Likud’ (or ‘Kadima’ or ‘Labour’ or whatever) and the entire Western press would be up in arms and shouting facist and warmonger. But of course, these are not shoe-throwing Arab terrorists we are talking about, these are respectable European colonizers and imperialists. That makes it alright to threaten entire countries with total destruction, I guess…
I especially like the part about a ‘quick and decisive victory’ – I think it was Bush going into Iraq who last used that phrase: ‘The sources said the Israeli army has put in place “practical plans” that should lead to “quick and decisive victory” within four or five days in its next war on Lebanon.’ Yeah right…. And pigs can fly too I’m sure. And to top it all: ‘The Jerusalem Post quoted the same sources as saying that no date has been set for launch war.’ Oh really? What a shame… But they can’t pin the date yet, of course, because they need a ‘Hizbullah provocation’ to ‘trigger’ the ‘conflict’ first, so they can claim that ‘they started’… Don’t you love how warmongers (any warmongers) never manage to rise above the bully-in-the-playground level?

Anyway, Israel, shudder and beware: Lebanese defence minister Elias Murr has just announced that Russia agrees to ‘deliver 10 Russian MiG-29 fighter jets to Lebanon’. While the expected participation of the LAF in defending Lebanon from the next Iraelli onslaught is not likely to scare the Israelis, the fact that the Lebanese government has finally decided to turn to nations that will actually sell it real arms, as opposed to the useless second-hand toys the US has been sending it for the past few decades, is in itself highly significant and an indication of the shifting balance since Georgia 08/08/08.


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