Antidote to the Iraeli revisionism of history

Joshua Landis at Syriacomment gives an overview of – and links to – a series of excellent recent articles on Gaza by such clearheaded and principled writers as Robert Fisk, Johann Hari, Tariq Ali, Nir Rosen and others. Reading this collection of texts is an excellent and heartily recommended antidote to the current ahistorical drivel in the western (and much of the Arab) media, which haplessly and without any criticism copies the revisionist version of recent and not so recent Middle Eastern history which the Israelis and their allies are ceaselessly flooding us with.
Listening to virtually all of the French, British and American mass media, as well as Saudi-financed CNN-copy al Arabiya, you could be forgiven to ignore that the brutal occupation of Palestine by the facist, militarized and religiously fundamentalist apartheid regime called Israel has been going on for over 60 years. You could be forgiven for ignoring that Israel is a giant land-grabbing scheme, which is the very reason why the current inhabitants of overpopulated Gaza have been forced into this faithful copy of the Warsaw ghetto since 1948, before which time they used to live in towns and areas now called Ashkelon, Beersheva and Sderot, among many others. You could be excused for ignoring that the slow-motion ethnic cleansing of Palestine has been going on for 60 years, in which time the part of the original population of what is now Israel, has been slowly but remorselessly driven further into misery, disease, illiteracy and impoverishment. You would not know that millions of Palestinians have been forced into exile in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, and are to this day prevented – in breach of binding UNSC resolution 242 and others – to return to the land that is theirs. You would not know that those Palestinians who have not been massacred or made into refugees in and outside their own country since 1948 are now living as third class citizens in their own land – the second class citizens being the Arab, Asian and African jews who are also being discriminated against in the profoundly racist zionist theocracy called Irael. Neither would you know that Israel is in breach of over 60 UN and UNSC resolutions, more than any other country in the world. You would be completely ignorant of the fact that the real international community is so overwhelmingly opposed to this imperialist Euro-American colony that in the UN General Assembly, there are routinely only four countries opposing motions against Israel: Israel itself, the US and two Pacific islands that, while nominally independent countries, are in reality no more than US military bases. You would certainly not be informed of the fact that under international law, every occupied population has the inalienable right to defend itself and fight the occupation by any means at its disposal, including armed resistance. And you will never be reminded of basic principles such as ‘oppression breeds resistance’. But whatever the brainwashing efforts, whatever the cynical perversions of international law and human rights declarations that attempt to make aggressors look like victims and to turn victims into aggressors, the truth is and remains self-evident to anybody with even a fleeting knowledge of history: all colonies are liberated in the end. Just like the French are no more in Algeria, just like the British are no more in India and Pakistan, just like the Belgians were forced out of the Congo and the Dutch out of Indonesia, so the European and American colonizers currently styling themselves Iraelis will soon be forced out of Palestine. It is exactly because they are becoming increasingly aware of this fact, it is exactly because they are realising that the Palestinians will not give in and desist, that they are becoming ever more desperate, murderous and ruthless. Just like the French were at their most murderous right before they were finally forced out of Algeria. Sic semper tyrannis.


4 thoughts on “Antidote to the Iraeli revisionism of history

  1. I think you’ve allowed your emotions to get to your best judgment. You cannot generalize and accuse those who read your article to be naives needing to be reminded of things that are known facts of history. Besides you don’t need to visit the site of a well known Syrian Baath regime apologist to learn of all these things. Lebanese people are known to possess more intelligence than the mere emotional propaganda you’re publishing. If you have been to Joshua Landis’ site, I’d suggest that you concentrate on the comment section rather than the main post which is usually meant for propaganda purposes. I recommend that you learn something from such commenters on that same article like those of Yaser and Majid.

    1. Wahib,
      I think you’ve completely misunderstood the point of my article: I am accusing certain media of not mentioning these ‘known facts of history’, not the readers of my article or the Lebanese of not knowing them (although the capacity of some Lebanese to wilfully ignore their own and their region’s history will never cease to amaze me). And make up your mind, am I pointing out ‘known facts of history’ or writing ‘mere emotional propaganda’? Or are these things the same in your view? As for the endless and tedious discussion of whether Joshua Landis is a ‘Syrian Baath regime apologist’ or not, please spare me, I refuse to be drawn into that – I was in any case referring not to an article he wrote himself but to a collection of articles by others that he links to, and which talk about Gaza and Palestine. The Syrian regime is hardly the point of discussion. And the comments you refer to seem for the greater part to repeat the various points that are made in the articles Landis collects. I am glad I have read some of the comment section though: it seems a rare civilized exception to the usual slandering and insulting matches that seem to make up the comments section of sites dealing with the Middle East (which is why I rarely bother to read these sections in the first place…).

  2. Points well taken. Propaganda contectualize facts in order to stir emotions in a predetermined direction. I hope this explains the use of the term emotional propaganda.

    Your article is intended to stir emotions rather than challenge the intellect to come up with solutions. I do agree with you about the Joshua Landis site. Even though the author is of known political orientation, nevetheless he succeeded in creating an audience that formed an excellent and civilized debating forum. That is the only reason I visit that blog. I usually skim through the author’s main post and then skip straight to the comment section.

    I hope you succeed in achieving similar forum. I also would like to know what is the political affiliation or orientation that you subscribe to.

  3. It was as much intended for me to let off steam and express frustration with the one-sided coverage of almost all media, as it was to remind people of some basic facts which cannot be repeated and stressed often enough, in my opinion, and almost never are, even by the Palestinian and pro-Palestinian spokespeople. As for my political affiliations, I don’t have any. My sympathies are broadly leftist, atheist and anti-imperialist but I adhere to no particular ideology or party ( although some, including your friend Sandmonkey, insist on cataloguing In the Middle of the East as an ‘opposition blog’, whatever that means…)

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