Lebanon 2006 – Lebanon & Gaza 2009?

More rockets were fired from the  south of Lebanon into Israel today (from the south east this time, close to the Shebaa farms and Hasbayyeh), immediately followed by Israeli rockets (double the number, characteristically, landing north of the Israeli-occupied village of Ghajjar) being returned into Lebanon. Hezbollah again denied involvement, stating that it is up to the Lebanese state to find out which side launched the rockets. Naharnet mentions that later ‘three booby-trapped rockets’ were found too. And no, before you ask, I haven’t got a clue what a booby-trapped rocket is either. But something is building up here…

Update: Presstv speaks of seventeen Israeli rockets fired into Lebanon. Presstv is an Iranian TV channel and website whose office in Gaza was attacked by the Israelis a few days ago, and whose website is exceedingly slow today, presumably lying under Israeli denial-of-service attacks…


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