Lies and rockets

‘Israeli officials said 3 rockets fired from Lebanon slammed into northern Israel early on Wednesday in the second such attack in less than a week that comes amid a devastating war in the Gaza Strip. There were conflicting reports, however, about Wednesday’s rocket attack. Local media, citing U.N. and Lebanese security sources, said no rockets landed in northern Israel on Wednesday. They said two rockets fired from Lebanon at Israel missed their target and fell in a field in the southern village of el-Mari, 2 kilometers from the Lebanese-Israeli border. A Lebanese Army patrol later on Wednesday defused three booby-trapped rockets that were set for launching from southern Lebanon towards Israel, an army communiqué said. An Army sapper defused the rockets that would be destroyed in place, the communiqué added. News reports, citing information obtained by UNIFIL, said Israeli radars only monitored the launching of two rockets from south Lebanon which are most likely those that fell in el-Mari. The daily An Nahar quoted Lebanese security sources as saying that Israel did not allow UNIFIL to inspect or take pictures of the site where the rockets reportedly fell.

None of this, of course,  stopped the Israelis from threatening large-scale retaliation with the usual disproportionate violence, notwithstanding the obvious efforts of the Lebanese army to prevent rockets being fired: ‘Israel has warned Lebanon it will retaliate with aerial bombardment against southern Lebanon next time the Jewish state is attacked by rockets from Lebanon.’


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