Wain Hizb’allah?

“We can hit Dimona with hundreds of rockets on the first day, if we get the order,” the veteran Abass explains. “The Zionists are very lucky I do not have the authority or we would have joined the battle when the first bomb fell on Gaza. It is just a matter of when, not if, we join the Gazan Resisters.”

Those few pathetic katyushas were obviously not the work of professionals like Hezbollah, we hardly needed to hear them state they were not involved to know that. On Counterpunch, Franklin Lamb speculates if and when Nasrallah will back up the angry speeches with action and bring out the boys to do battle.


2 thoughts on “Wain Hizb’allah?

  1. Israel kills the children and the people in Gaza

    Israel bombs UN centers, hospitals and schools.

    and the world keep silent.

    Zionists are criminals

    The world without Israel would be better >> believe me.

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