Mark Regev beaten…

Just when you think the Israelis had reached the absolute top in hypocrisy, up come Mubarak and Abdallah al-Saud at the Arab League summit calling for Arab unity… after the war is over! Wain al-thawra al-3arabiyya? Wain wa-aimta?

Update 20/01: and then they can still not agree on which Palestinians they want to send their ‘pledged’ 2 billion dollars of aid to: Mubarak and Abdallah (and the other Abdallah, of Jordan, although he can’t afford to openly say so) of course prefer to continue lining the pockets of Abu Mazen and his collaborating gangs, thus ensuring that only a measly sliver trickles down to the actual victims in Gaza, rather than funding the democratically elected government of Palestine, i.e. Hamas. Why in the world are the fundamentalist Saudi rulers suddenly supporting a secular movement over an islamist one, you ask? Because the islamist one is… democratically elected, a frightening precedent for the Middle East which neither the autocratic Saud monarchy nor the Egyptian pharao-for-life can possibly condone. Let alone that ‘great beacon of freedom and bringer of democracy’ the US, of course. (Also known as Israel’s client state). Democratically elected governments for the Arabs! The horror!


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