Hizbullah penetrated… Hitchens ridiculed

‘“Any time more than three or four vehicles stopped in the same place, that place needs to be abandoned,” says the security official, who has worked closely with the group for decades. “So that includes not just homes, safe houses and offices, but more importantly, their military headquarters, operational areas, bunkers. All the new things that have been built or put into place since the end of the 2006 war could be lost to them. They have been very busy since January moving everyone and everything to new locations.” The security official seemed to agree with the assessment of another military intelligence official, who said even the paths travelled by each vehicle around Lebanon – if observed for years – would show a wealth of patterns and habits by officials that could help the Israelis. The group might be forced to rethink almost all of its procedures. “They might not have known exactly who was in the vehicle at any given moment, but the Israelis now have a clear view of how the group moves, what lines you can draw from place to place. “It’s just an unbelievable logistical problem for any army, let alone a secret resistance group,” the security official added.’

Mitch Prothero, who wrote the above article, by far the best I have found on the subject in English, is also interviewed by Abu Muqawama on the same subject: ‘This is pretty bad from their point of view. South Lebanon has long been filled with Israeli agents, but to have a guy who had been vetted pretty extensively — an official Hizballah cadre member tasked with acquiring cars for the military wing — turn out to be collaborating for more than four years in this manner is a sharp stick to the eye. As one Hizb-supporter told me, the other recently-caught Israeli agents were part of ‘them,’ meaning Sunni or Christian rivals … This guy was, in their words, “one of us.” That can’t be good for morale in a group used to being pretty successful at counter-intel. One official described this as the worst infiltration of the group anyone has heard of.’

The ever interesting Timur Goksel, a Turkish ex-UNIFIL information officer who is still living in Beirut, recently gave a talk at the AUB, in which he had this to say about Hezbollah’s women: ‘(…) Goksel praised the women of the area for their strength and role in the resistance, telling a story of an Israeli invasion into the village of Maarakeh. “The women came out of their houses and attacked the Israeli tanks with pots and pans,” he said. “Now imagine you are a young Israeli soldier, because after all they are young too; he’s not trained for this – there’s a woman climbing on his tank.” The strength of the women and their determination impressed him. “I said if I ever think of marrying a woman from Maarakeh, stop me.”‘

To see how not to write articles on Lebanon if you want to retain even a shred of credibility, read this utterly ignorant and blatantly biased drivel by one Lawrence Osborne – and do keep in mind that the editors of Forbes Magazine have already changed numerous factual errors in the piece on their website after Angry Arab and other commentators pointed them out – I mean this guy actually manages to call the March 14  faction ‘March 15’ – while he was on a Hariri-sponsored 3-day trip to Lebanon! Still unedited in the article are jewels like ‘the “March 14 movement” is opposed by the “March 8 movement” of Islamicists‘…Quite apart from the fact that the good sir Osborne presumably wants to refer simply to ‘islamists’ (maybe he is trying to sound scholarly?), he is saying this about a movement that includes Michel Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement – the largest party of the Lebanese christians; the Marada of Franjieh, also entirely made up of christians; and the SSNP – an avowedly secular party made up mostly of christians and alawis, a an offshoot of shiism denounced by islamists. And how did Ahmed Chalabi end up in this article? I mean, he has the same neocon connection as the M16s (sorry, M14s…), but how exactly is he relevant to Lebanese politics? Also on this press junket was the by now utterly alzheimer-stricken Christopher Hitchens, who gave a lecture at the AUB last week where he managed to call feudal landlord and predictable weathervane Walid Jumblatt a ‘true revolutionary’ – the collective Lebanese audience nearly died laughing… Hitchens is a former leftist turned ardent neocon, which is a shame becaues it discredits his not uninteresting writings about religion as a convinced atheist. I recently read his 2007 book ‘god is not Great – how religion poisons everything’, which, although it doesn’t contribute any new arguments or insights, is a highly enjoyable 300-page anti-religious rant annex atheist-manifesto. It is only marred by Hitchens’ irritating habit of  always trying to paint islam as just that little bit more irrational and destructive than christianity. And by every inane and wholly uninformed comment he makes to serve his neocon-allied March 14 paymasters in this country.


7 thoughts on “Hizbullah penetrated… Hitchens ridiculed

  1. Your writing style is shallow and mediocre. You need to use shorter sentences in a bolder, more assertive manner. You can’t write about the Middle East with an effeminate, passive voice.

  2. I didn’t think it was passive at all, but you’re somehow right if your intention was that some ‘geniuses’ deserve a bit more ‘praise’ and sarcasm.

    Interesting writings though …

  3. “You can’t write about the Middle East with an effeminate, passive voice.”

    WTF? Why not?

    Is this a law, rule or code – or are you just a sexist pig? Feminist voices should have no perspective on mideast affairs?

    I hope I am not the only one who feels alarmed that someone said you must have a masculine and assertive tone in order to write about something…

  4. @ truthaddict: You took the words out of my mouth!

    @ Glock: What pompous chauvinist trite, suggetsing that the only legitimate voice on Middle Eastern affairs would be an overtly masculine one. If you don’t appreciate nuance, subtlety, or even anything remotely subaltern, please take your patriarchy and shallowness somewhere else.

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