Doing a Kanaan in the land of Canaan…

These spy stories are getting weirder and weirder – now it’s spreading to Israel, where a military intelligence head did a Ghazi Kanaan: ‘An officer in a sensitive position in Military Intelligence shot himself in the head on his base yesterday, in an apparent suicide. The Military Police are investigating whether the suicide was due to personal circumstances or his intelligence work. (…) The officer’s death was received with shock in the unit, which is considered MI’s most exclusive. Military sources told Haaretz that their preliminary investigation found no indications that the officer was contemplating suicide. Suicides have been on the rise in the IDF in recent months. However, at this point, the incidents appear to be unrelated. Most of the victims are conscript soldiers.’ And while we’re in the mood for synchronicity (or maybe we should call it serendipity), what’s the connection with this: five Lebanese were on board the Air France flight that mysteriously disappeared last night…?


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