Peru not Iran

I absolutely agree with Johann Hari that the current uprising in Peru is far more significant on a global scale than the over-exposed protests in Iran (not to mention the long overdue death of a walking plastic-surgery-warning annex has-been-superstar): ‘While the world nervously watches the uprising in Iran, an even more important uprising has been passing unnoticed – yet its outcome will shape your fate, and mine. In the depths of the Amazon rainforest, the poorest people in the world have taken on the richest people in the world to defend a part of the ecosystem none of us can live without. They had nothing but wooden spears and moral force to defeat the oil companies – and, for today, they have won.’ Which is infinitely more inspiring and interesting than the undecided outcome between two feuding rapacious, corrupt and fundamentalist elite figures, even if the tensions in Iran’s society have now risen to the point where frustrated youth without a future will use any excuse to riot. To a background of the US and the UK desperately trying to pull off another 1953 and start the cycle all over again: ‘After all was said and done, Prime Minister Mossadegh had been deposed and a military coup returned the monarchy to Iran by installing the pro-western Mohammed Reza Pahlevi on the Peacock throne. The Shah’s brutal, tyrannical dictatorship – established, supported, and funded by the United States – lasted 26 years. In 1979, the Iranian people returned the favor.’

Oh, and what I presumed earlier tonight (while packing stuff to move house) was more celebatory gunfire and some wedding involving fireworks, was actually a fight between Amal and Mustaqbal militias involving guns and RPGs which killed – surprise, surprise – an innocent passer-by and none of the courageous heroes involved on either side… – in a minor replay of the Iranian feud between two etc etc. And note how naharnet keeps referring to the May 2008 clashes as ‘sectarian’, whereas they were purely and obviously political.

Oh bis, Netanyahu has announced that a government involving seven Hezbollah ministers will be held responsible for etc etc bla bla bla… How Haaretz (or Reuters?) knows that there will be seven Hezbollah ministers in the yet-to-be-negotiated new government is worth wondering about in the first place (Hezbollah and Amal together had only five ministers in the last government and they are furthermore supposed to have ‘lost’ these elections), but seriously – don’t these shlomos ever get it? Yes, Israel, you will still get the blame when you go off on your next ethnic massacre, whatever you say. Because it’s what you do that matters, not what you say.  And then we will be another step closer to the end of the ongoing suicidal saga that is Israel, its own worst enemy now as before. A saga that will reach its catharsis much sooner than generally expected. Critical mass is accumulating...


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