Why Israel is bad for jews pt. 1

In response to discussions I often have with people in Beirut and elsewhere, I am starting a series of posts which will link to articles and news items mentioning the reasons why Israel as an exclusively jewish ‘nation’ state (‘nation’ because the jews are a religious community and not a people or a nation in any genetic or even cultural sense) and as a Euro-American imperialist project (where Arab, African and Asian jews are treated as second-class citizens, only barely above the third-class citizen level of the native non-jewish Arabs) is walking on its last legs. When people ask me why I came to live in this region, I often tell them ‘I came to witness the death of Israel’. Incredulous looks and sarcastic answers such as ‘well, you’ll be around for a long time then’ typically follow. But I am sincerely convinced that the end of one of the world’s last overtly colonial projects is very near. Global public opinion is reaching the levels of critical mass that forced the South African apartheid regime out of existence. The slow but sure economic and imperial demise of the US (caused in no small measure by Israel’s virtual takeover of the US political establishment) is another factor. So is the fact of the IDF’s reversed military fortunes at the hands of Hizbullah in 2000 and again in 2006. This ‘army’ is now forced to slaughter defenceless civilians in Gaza in order to ‘restore its self-confidence and power of ‘deterrence’. But the most important contribution is made by the Israeli political and military establishment’s combination of ridiculous hubris and self-complacent blindness to what is happening around them – Israel as it is now will simply suicide by itself. And that moment is near, although very few people are able to see it now. If you have read any history, you will be aware that empires have always collapsed at the exact moment when they seemed strongest and most invulnerable, and very few observers ever see the collapse coming. None of this, by the way, should be construed as ‘anti-semitism’: a lot of zionists and pro-Israel fanatics are not jews, and conversely  most jews are not zionists or even particularly pro-Israel. Neither is it a matter of ‘driving the jews into the sea’ or such nonsense – white South Africans are still living in post-apartheid South Africa, and they still dominate that country economically – I foresee something similar happening to the jews of Israel after their regime has collapsed and some kind of modus vivendi is established with the Palestinians and the rest of the Middle Eastern population in a new state (and no, the ‘two-state solution’ doesn’t stand a prayer’s chance in hell – it is way too late for that).

The tell-tale signs of Israel’s imminent demise include a continuing negative immigration record (Israel has never succeeded in attracting more than a minority of the world’s jews, despite the mossad’s vicious anti-semitic terroroist campaigns in Arab countries and elsewhere), the presence of anti-semitic skinheads imported from Russia in Israel and even in the IDF, the increasingly desperate legal attempts to oppress even the freedom of expression of Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, the loss of allegiance of the Israeli druze, the increasing difficulty of the Israeli propaganda machine to convince public opinion worldwide of their ‘moral superiority’ and ‘purity of arms’, and there are many others. Here’s an article by Jonathan Cook detailing one of the ways in which zionists are the jews’ worst enemies, as well as one of the ways in which Israel is increasingly squandering any moral capital and goodwill they may have left in the eyes of both jews and others around the world: ‘A quarter of a million Holocaust survivors are reported to be in Israel, with one-third of them living in poverty, according to welfare organisations.
Shraga Elam, an Israeli investigative financial journalist based in Zurich, said after the war many Israelis showed little sympathy for the European Jewish refugees who arrived in Israel. “David Ben Gurion [Israel’s first prime minister] notoriously called them ‘human dust’, and I remember as children we referred to them as sabonim, the Hebrew word for soap,” he said, in reference to the rumoured Nazi practice of making soap from Jewish corpses. “In fact, I can’t think of any place in the world where [Holocaust] survivors are as badly treated as they are in Israel,” Mr Elam said. He said Bank Leumi’s “lost” accounts were only a small fraction of Holocaust assets held by Israeli companies and the Israeli state that should have been returned. The total could be as much as $20bn.’


One thought on “Why Israel is bad for jews pt. 1

  1. Nice post, though I think you are overly positive. Where I would agree is that the current structural crisis will open the possibility of the demise of Israel as a colonial and religiously defined entity. It doesn’t seem a certainty (apart form the ides that nothing last forever) in that it will happen soon. It can. But requires strategic (in the rather widest sense of the word and I am not including violence here and now) efforts on the part of many to make this happen. Even then there is no certainty that what follows is a progressive type entity.
    Anyway that is my two cents worth.
    always a pleasure to read your two cents worth

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