Why Israel is bad for jews pt.2

“I believed that if we crave life in this Mideast arena, we have to sometimes just ‘go crazy’. The government’s decision to launch the campaign was right and expressed an understanding of reality.” Dan Halutz, a wanted war criminal, talks about the July 2006 war of aggression he led on Lebanon. Translation of this childish attempt at doublespeak: “For us Israelis to live in the Middle East, we have to continually aggress, terrorise and massacre the people who have lived here for millennia before we came and stole their lands and started to ethnically cleanse them.”

And now for the duh-moment: this counts as informed opinion and sharp insight in the apartheid country:The sad Israeli experience teaches us that this is in fact one long war, which started in 1948 (and there are those who say it started even earlier) and which merely keeps on changing its name.’ Well, yes, dude, that’s what colonies are. That’s what they were and always will be – one long continuous war of occupation. Don’t like it? Go back home. You will be forced to in the end anyway, so why not go now and save yourselves and all of us the misery and violence and wars that are yet to come? Nobody will miss you around here…


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