Rumours floating

Rumours are surfacing of plans for another ‘massive Israeli attack’ on Lebanon – leaked first a few days ago by a French military source after a meeting in France between top Israeli, French and US military brass. Hizbullah has been busy lately reinforcing its positions, and talked about spring 2010 as the projected date (owing to the soil being too soft in winter for the Merkava tanks to drive on). Now the rumour has been restated by Nahar’s Washington correspondent: ‘Khalil Flaihan said international military authorities have warned Lebanon that Israel plans to launch a massive attack targeting Hizbullah positions. It said Israel is also likely to “widen its aggression to include large areas of Lebanon” under the pretext that Hizbullah continues to receive “heavy and sophisticated weapons” via Syria. Diplomatic sources in Beirut did not rule out the possibility that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could raise the issue of the seized ship alledgedly carrying weapons for Hizbullah and the explosions that took place in Khirbit Selim and Teir Felsay as well as the Katyusha firing from the southern town of Houla. The sources pointed out that Natanyahu would exploit these incidents to accuse Hizbullah of breaching Resolution 1701 “posing a real threat to Israel’s security and that its armed forces are ready for any emergency.”‘ But hey, not to worry: ‘They said the U.S. and French presidents, however, are unlikely to approve any new Israeli offensive against Lebanon.’ Meanwhile Lebanese civilians continue to get injured and killed by the cluster bombs left behind after the last Israeli massacre.

Meanwhile, the unexpected has happened – a tentative Lebanese government has been formed – although already there is a possibility that some ministers, unhappy with the less than prestigious and/or lucrative portfolio assigned to them, will not show up for the official first picture opportunity


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