Compare… July 2006 anyone?

Quick! Call for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council! Issue dramatic statements denouncing  terrorist action and invoking the right of sovereign nations to defend themselves against aggressive neighbours! Insist on the inviolability of UNSC resolution 1701! Launch immediate massive aerial bombardments destroying the entire civil infrastructure of… oh damn, it’s Israel doing the kidnapping of a Lebanese civilian inside Lebanese territory. Ah, never mind – just ignore it. Don’t even mention it in the international media.
‘Zahra was tending a herd of sheep in Bastara Farm near Kfarshouba at around 2:30pm Sunday when he was snatched by Israeli troops. (…) A statement by the Lebanese army said Rabii Mohammed Zahra, 17, was released at 2 am Monday in the border town of Naqoura. It said Zahra was handed over to UNIFIL, which in turn handed him over to the Lebanese army. The army communiqué said Zahra had been beaten up. “Visible signs of torture were seen on his (Zahra’s) face and neck,” the army said.’
‘A joint committee of UNIFIL and Lebanese Army officials inspected on Monday the place where the Lebanese citizen Rabih Zahra was kidnapped Sunday by Israeli forces, National News Agency correspondent reported. The committee later said the kidnapping occurred inside the Lebanese territories and not in any controversial zone. Zahra, who was released Monday at 2 a.m., said he was, “beaten by the Israelis, questioned about Hezbollah’s recent activities, the Lebanese Army and the Palestinians who are present in the region”.

On a positive note though, it says a lot about the state of Israeli intelligence today when they have to kidnap some random teenage shepherd to get information…


2 thoughts on “Compare… July 2006 anyone?

  1. Am I crazy because I hoped Hezbollah would launch some rockets in retaliation? It would have proved a point, and highlighted the double standard (even though a civilian is much more serious than a soldier). I suppose the Israelis didn’t kill anyone, though. Anyway, the double standards have been highlighted many times with Israel yet there seems to be no change in American public opinion (the people who seem to have damned the Palestinians). Yup, the first step to peace is the death of AIPAC.

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